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The organisers would like to encourage advance registration and payment, so the fees are lower if paid before 29 July. After this date all registrations will be charged an on-site surcharge. There are additional reductions for registrations made before 10 July. Please take advantage of the lowest fees by completing the online form and sending payment to arrive no later than 10 July.

Fee summary

Business feesCommunity fees
Payment received by 10 July80000
Onsite fees100000

The fees include attendance at all conference sessions.

Registration period over.

Who is a business participant?

Large companies are welcome to send employees to our conference. The business fee will be used to finance bursaries for community members who could not afford to attend otherwise. If you are a community member, but also an employee, you can choose which fee you take. Please ask your employer if he is willing to sponsor our conference by paying the fee for you.

Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) in GBP
  • by cheque drawn on a Euro bank account in EUR
  • by cash (in CZK or EUR for onsite payment only)


Affordable accommodations and boarding are available in the castle, the Monastry, hotels and boarding houses in the town. Expect to pay about 15-20 Euros per day for full board and lodging. You will be asked to pay the rooms with Czech Crown at your checkin, so please take care that you have the money in the correct currency available. We have reservations for 150 community members in the castle and Monastry. If you are a business participant, you can contact us for information about available hotels.

The castle rooms are similar to those you would find in a student hostel, with simple furniture and two or three beds. Each floor provides bathroom facilities (shower and toilet) as well as a small kitchen (suitable for preparing tea and small meals). The monastry is more stylish and has larger rooms, mostly doubles and includes two five-bed rooms. It is still in operation, so all you code-monks will fit right in. Showers and toilets are also on each floor. The monastry is 200 meters away from the castle. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served for everyone in the Refektarium of the monastry.