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This year's recommended accommodation is Aparthotel Rialta.

Rialta is an apartment hotel located near the venue, with enough space for all Akademy attendees. Rialta provides free bus transportation both to the city centre and the venue.

Single room: 22.95 - 30 € per night

Image of a single room

Twin room: 36.98 - 40 € per night 45 € inc breakfast

Image of a double room

If you would like to share a room, but you don't have a roommate yet, there's a wiki page for searching a roommate. You can search if someone is staying in the same dates than you or you can announce yourself.

The following services are included in the price:

  • Daily cleaning of the rooms
  • En-suite bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Towels and bedding provided
  • TV in each room
  • Free WiFi
  • Free bus service, to the venue and city center
  • Access to the swimming pool, the gym, and the sports facilities

Kitchen in the rooms

Image of Kitchen

Most Rialta rooms are equipped with kitchens, other rooms only have a microwave oven. If you want to ensure that you're assigned a room with a kitchen, specify it in the comments section while booking.

Gym and swimming pool

Image of gym

Image of swimming pool

Common rooms

Each floor has a common room with where you can relax with other attendees, chatting or hacking together.

People requesting accommodation sponsorship should not book their own accommodation

Booking process

In order to book a room and get the Akademy rates, use the Rialta booking page and use the promotional code GPUL2015.

However depending on when you book your accommodation there may be other deals available that are cheaper. After entering the dates in the form along with the promotional code you will be presented with a choice of options it is important to click on the See all link to see all price options.

Display rates information image

Rialta reservation system might fail if you enter the promotion code, click "View all" and then you do not select a GPUL2015 fare.

For that reason, the suggested way of booking is as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the desired check-in date and the number of nights
  3. Enter "GPUL2015" in promotional code and click "Check Rates and Book"
  4. Click "View all" and check the fare that better suits you.
  5. If the fare you choose is either a GPUL2015 or a GPUL2015AD fare, just select the fare. If the fare which better suits you is neither a GPUL2015 nor a GPUL2015AD fare, you must then empty the "Promotional code" in the booking page header and click "Check Rates and Book" before selecting the fare.

You can choose if you want breakfast during reservation or check-in for an additional cost this will depend on when you book or choose, the approx cost is 2.50 - 5€ per person per day. Please note that there are no other places where breakfast is served near Rialta.

On credit card bills Rialta may show as Fundacion Maria Jose J Rutis

How to arrive

From the airport

Other options

Should you prefer to stay in a different place, A Coruña has a wide range of hotels you can choose from. You can use sites such as TripAdvisor or Trivago to search for accommodation you like.