As the weather forecast predicts a 70% chance of rain on Wednesday afternoon, the initial plan for daytrip (outdoor activities in the Tower of Hercules area and beach) has been cancelled and a new daytrip is proposed. In the new plan, we propose to visit Acquarium Finisterrae and Domus museum, if the weather is good enough in the evening we might still visit Tower of Hercules area.

As usual, we'll organize a Pre-registration / Welcome event so people who are already at Coruña on the 24th can get their badge, greet old friends and meet new ones.

The event will take place at Aparthotel Rialta. The official starting time is 20:00, however some Akademy attendees might already be at Rialta before that hour, and don't worry if you cannot make it at 20:00, as we'll be there until 23:30.

During the evening, complimentary drinks and food will be available for all attendees, and when the sun is gone, a traditional Galician ceremony will take place.