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As the weather forecast predicts a 70% chance of rain on Wednesday afternoon, the initial plan for daytrip (outdoor activities in the Tower of Hercules area and beach) has been cancelled and a new daytrip is proposed. In the new plan, we propose to visit Aquarium Finisterrae and Domus museum, if the weather is good enough in the evening we might still visit Tower of Hercules area.

The new daytrip will be defined as follows:

  • We will begin after lunch, the official place for lunch will still be the venue cafeteria. If some people prefer they can go to the city center to have lunch there and meet with the rest at the aquarium.
  • For people who are having lunch in the faculty, if they're staying in Rialta they will be able to take the Rialta bus in an special service which will take us to the Aquarium. This special service will depart at 16:30 from Rialta, stop in the venue and do the "Recorrido turístico". If you're not staying on Rialta, please come to the Infodesk on before Wednesday 13:00 and we'll check your options.
  • At 17:00, we propose to meet at the Aquarium Finisterrae and visit it. Please remember to bring your Akademy badge in order to have a free entrance.
  • After the aquarium, at about 18:30, if the weather is good enough to make a visit to the Hercules Tower area enjoyable, we'll visit the Hercules Tower area, and you'll have the chance to climb the tower.
  • If the weather makes a visit to the Hercules Tower area unenjoyable, we'll visit Domus museum.