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Transport in A Coruña

Local buses

Linea E Especial Universidad

Public transport in A Coruña is provided by Tranvías Coruña, with 23 lines during the day. If you want to go somewhere at night, you only have one bus line (BUHO) on friday and saturday nights, every hour from city center.

Single ticket bus price is 1,30€. Tickets are bought in the bus, in order to buy them coins and 5€ notes are accepted, but not bigger notes.

You can download their APP which gives you buses timetable and the time you will have to wait in a stop for the next bus in real time:

The official applications require internet connection availability in order to work, while the unofficial one provides some functionality even offline.

Please note that in order to reach Akademy venue, the recommended bus line is "Especial Universidad", which can be identified by the letter "E" or "UDC" (Depending on the bus, but the line is the same). (See photo)

On Saturday 25th, and on Sunday, "Especial Universidad" line is not available, so you'll have to use either line 5 (Espacio Coruña stop), or line 24 (Antonio Insua 34 stop), or line 22 (A. Molina Campus Elviña stop).

Rialta bus services

Rialta bus

People staying at Rialta you can use their free bus services from Rialta to Coruña city center, stopping at the Akademy venue. Please check Rialta buses timetable


If you need a fast transport, you are trying to return home at night or you don't have any bus line to go your destination, you can call a taxi using the phone number (+34) 981 28 77 77 or if you prefer, you can use some oficial APPs too:

Approximate taxi price from city center to Rialta or to the Computer Science Faculty is about 10 €

In the Akademy venue, you can request a taxi at Infodesk. If you're staying at Rialta, you can ask them to call a taxi in reception; if leaving early, tell them the day before that you'll need a taxi. If you are staying in a different accommodation, most likely they will also call a taxi if you ask for it in reception.

You have a map of the most important designated taxi stops of the city in the following URL: (please click "Agrandar tamaño").