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A & O Wien Hauptbahnhof

This year's recommended accommodation is A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof.

A & O provides

  • Wi-Fi
  • Small guest Kitchen
  • Common rooms
  • Billiards
  • Table soccer
  • ATM
  • and even more, see their website

How to book

A&O offers Single rooms, Twin rooms, 4-Bed Dormitory rooms & 6-Bed Dormitory rooms.

Book your rooms individually at the A & O website. There are different rates available (non-/cancelable, with/without breakfast) so choose whichever fits you best. To get rooms near other Akademy attendees add "KDE Konferenz" or "KDE Akademy" in the remarks section. While we can't promise anything, we try to tell A&O to reserve rooms close to each other.

Vienna can get busy in August, so it is advised to book your accommodation early.


Walking to A&O will take you approximately 5 to 10 minutes from Wien Hauptbahnhof.

For information about how to get to the venue see the venue page.

Address A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof Sonnwendgasse 11 1100 Wien Austria

Map showing location of A&O Wien Hauptbanhof

Source: OpenStreetMap (© OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA)

Note for car travellers

Even though A & O provides parking space for guests parking lots in Vienna are severly restricted. Public transport is recommended for rides from the accomodation location to the city and back.


If A & O does not fit your needs, we also recommend any other hostel/hotel in the vicinity of Wien Hauptbahnhof.

People requesting accommodation sponsorship should not book their own accommodation.