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Getting around in Vienna

The best ways to get around in Vienna are public transport, bike and walking.

Public transport

The public transport system in Vienna consists of the following transport methods:

  • UBahn (subway)
  • Schnellbahn (city train)
  • Straßenbahn (tramway)
  • Autobus (city bus)

Overview plan (includes UBahn & Schnellbahn): Plan

See the ticket section for various kinds of tickets and special offers for Akademy attendees.

Routing apps

The following is a list of public transport routing apps for Vienna:

Note: Google maps also has routing for Vienna, but the data is not real time data. So while it works for a general "how to get from A-to-B" information, don't rely on the information because it doesn't include changes due to construction work or other disturbances.

Public transport during the night

On nights before weekdays, subway service ends around half past midnight. On nights before Saturday, Sunday or public holiday (night to 15.08.) subways runs all night, every 15 minutes. To get around the city at night, you can use the Nightline. Using the Nightline is included in daily or weekly passes or you can use a normal single ticket.

Note: In the following plans, not every station is included, only the bigger ones. Nightlines under the week: Plan Nightlines & Subway on the weekend: Plan


While not on the level of Copenhagen or Amsterdam, Vienna is a very bike-friendly city. Routing apps

Rental bikes

Vienna has a public bike system called Citybike. It consists of over 120 stations, where you can rent or give back your bike. Riding a bike for up to one hour is free, you need to register once with your Creditcard for a one time fee of 1 €. You can find more information on the Citybike homepage
Additionally, three other rental bike systems are available in Vienna: Ofo, Donkey Bike & oBike (Site in German)