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Pre-Registration Event

For all attendees that arrive on Friday, 10th of August or earlier that week there is a chance to pick up their badges at the early registration get-together on Friday, 10th of August at the Kontaktraum in the 6th floor of the venue from 18:00 to 22:00 with food and drinks provided. This way, you'll be also able to avoid the Saturday morning crowd.

You can pick up your badge there, meet fellow Akademy attendees, and enjoy drinks ( both alcoholic & non-alcoholic available) and food (vegan & vegetarian option available). If the weather is nice you can use the terrace to take a look at the inner city of Vienna from above.


Map of venue and closest metro stations

OpenStreetMap link

Address & Directions:

Neues EI, 6th floor
TU Wien
Gusshaustraße 27-29
1040 Wien

Enter the venue and use the elevators to get up to the 6th floor. You will be directly in front of the Kontaktraum, where the pre-registration get-together is happening.