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Getting around Milan

Effective from the 15th July 2019, a new Integrated Fare System (STIBM) will come into force replacing the previous Integrated Fare System of the Milanese Area (SITAM). We invite you to look at New Integrated Fare System page.

Milan has always been a rich and important city. It has always been a place full of various famous artists and offers a particular assortment of churches, buildings and monuments. There was a change of culture and art in the Renaissance with big a contribution in the period of the neoclassicism. Milan offers a big variety of buildings, monuments, museum and so on...

Getting around Milan is very simple, and you are able to reach every part of the city quickly.

The Akademy Venue is in Bicocca

The public transport system in Milan consists of:

  • Metro
  • Trains
  • Trams
  • Buses

An overview plan of subway lines:

Map of Milan metro network

Getting around Milan at night represent the best way to enjoy the city. Even if subways close at midnight, they will be replaced by alternative buses.
For more information about nightlines check ATM nightlines.


Everywhere in Milan you are able to rent a:

or ride a bike using:

or if you want to rent an electric scooter, you can use eCooltura reaching unexplored but magical parts of Milan.