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Program Overview

Fri 6th
Welcome Event
Sat 7th
Talks Day 1
Sun 8th
Talks Day 2
Social Event
Mon 9th
BoFs, Workshops & Meetings
Tue 10th
BoFs, Workshops & Meetings
Wed 11th
BoFs, Workshops & Meetings
Thu 12th
BoFs, Workshops & Meetings
Fri 13th
BoFs, Workshops & Meetings
Communication Training

Lunch options

Most food places are located inside the "food court", between Piazza della Scienza and Piazza dela Trivulziana, or in terms of university buildings between U3/U4 and U12. You are welcome to choose your own lunch depending on your tastes and inspiration.

Note for the weekend

Weekends are tricky for Bicocca, in particular Sunday. The places which are going to be open are going to be very few and not have enough food to feed Akademy, as usually not much happens on the weekend in Bicocca.

We made a selection and made sure they will have enough food, and additionally negotiated special prices for the conference.

Please try to go in one of these places to avoid inconveniences or long waiting times, especially on Sunday, where even places which are open might not be staffed for handling hundreds of participants.

  • PanCafé - Expect to pay ~6€ for a pizza al trancio + water (final amount depends on actual pizza weight, you will be able to indicate the amount you want). For akademy they are throwing in a free coffee/americano/macchiato for every lunch. They have a direct oven where they bake continuously so this will be a great pizza.
  • Farinami - For 8€ you will be getting the following combination:
    • Buffet - Pizza al trancio, focaccia pugliese, warm pasta, crocchete, zeppole napoletane, bruschettine miste, mini sandwiches, salami, prosciutto, cheeses, cous cous, farro with tomato and tuna, vitel tonné.
    • A standard drink (water, soda, beer wine)
    • Coffee
  • PQuattordici - With 7€-10€ you will do a lunch complete with a panino, a piadina or a salad, water or soda and coffee

All these places are by the food court on the left (when coming from U4), roughly in front of Je Suis Jambon (where we had the Welcome event). The first place, right in front of Jambon is Farinami, going a little forward you will find PanCafé and on the backside of PanCafé there is PQuattordici.