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Social Event - Sunday

Host: Fuorimano (
Time: 19:30-02:00
Via Roberto Cozzi, 3, 20125 Milano MI

From U1, U2, U3 or U4, go towards the train station and take Viale dell'Innovazione towards right (towards the city center, or University buildings U5 and U9). Keep going straight for about 5 minutes, pass the roundabout and arrive at a semaphore. From there, cross the street and keep going straight. The street will turn slightly to the left, at the turn you will see signs for "Fuorimano" pointing to an internal courtyard. Follow them and you will have arrived.

The place is known to cure their sourdough since 1946, they will bake pizzas and cook mini-burgers for us. Additional typical finger food (stuffed olives, locally grown soy beans, ...) makes up for a complete dinner. Standard drinks include wine, beer, typical international cocktails (spritz, moscow mule, gin tonic, ...). Their barista is famous for a cocktails selection inspired by the works of the futurist literature, inspired by the mixology and tastes of the 1920s. If you want to try those throughout the night, you are welcome to do so, but as they require very special ingredients you will be able to purchase them for a surplus on your token of a couple of euros.

The buffet includes:

  • A pizza with whole flours Neapolitan style with sourdough baked at the moment every 2 people.
  • 2 Chianina and/or vegetarian homemade mini-burgers.
  • Beautiful fresh olives from Cerignola.
  • Salted toasted peanuts.
  • Sweet paprika corn.
  • Onion rings battered with beer.
  • Olives stuffed to the ascolana.
  • Soya beans and salted vegetables grown in the Po Valley.
  • Two standard drinks per person.
  • Welcome drink in a flûte

There will be the possibility of having more drinks, if so desired.