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Escape Room

Although this year's Akademy is virtual, that is not stopping the fun! On the line-up for Akademy's social events is Escape Games. There will be 6 games times held in total during the conference.

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You can find the schedule here:

Escape Room Session 1
06:30-08:30 UTC
Escape Room Session 2
20:30-22:30 UTC
Mon 7th
Mansion Impossible
(Low/Med. Difficulty)
CSI: Grounded
(Medium-High Difficulty)
Tues 8th
Mainstage Mayhem
(Low/Med. Difficulty)
CSI: Strangehold
(Medium Difficulty)
Wed 9th
Sherlock Holmes
(Medium Difficulty)
CSI: Mafia Murders
(Medium Difficulty)

You will be able to play in teams to solve the games. The game themes include mystery and crime, and take place through different eras of time. Each game is filled with riddles, puzzles, and codes to test your thinking abilities all while enjoying the company of other Akademy Attendees!

Akademy and its social events are free to attend, however to help us plan, please register for the additional social event you would like to attend.