Pub Quiz

Join Quiz Masters Dr. Ade and Dr. Paul on a fun filled evening of pub quiz mania!
(Please note: Not that kind of doc in the house)

When: Thursday, September 10th at 19:00 UTC
Where: At Akademy
Why: Because it is fun!
How to join:

What to Expect:
- 5 Rounds of 6 to 8 Questions,
- Silly Randomness,
- Lots of Laughs,
- The company of new acquaintances and familiar faces.

Round Themes:
- General Knowledge: Questions About Stuff
- What Is It: Know Your Applications
- Places: So You Think You Know Previous Akademy Locations
- Widgets and Thing-a-ma-bobs: Random crap around Ade's house
- ”People”: Questions about the KDE community and beyond!