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Akademy 2020 T-shirt

A black t-shirt with the akademy 2020 design on it
Mockup of Akademy 2020 t-shirt by Jens Reuterberg

Following on from previous years we have the option for buying an official Akademy 2020 T-shirt. As Akademy is virtual this year we need to ship the T-shirts to you and this is why the price is a bit higher than in the past.

The T-shirts cost 25€, which includes worldwide delivery. To keep the price the same for everyone KDE e.V. is subsidising the higher delivery cost for those outside Europe.

Orders are being handled by Freewear, the same company who has been printing our Akademy T-shirts for years.

To ensure you receive your T-shirt to wear during Akademy please place your order before 28 July if you are quick and order by 30th July you will still get it in time. You will receive the T-shirt by the end of August/early September so please ensure you are able to receive the parcel then at the address you give us.

Orders made after 30th July will be shipped in the second half of September.

This year's T-shirts are the same model as the last two years. We offer them in both a unisex and fitted style.

Freewear also carry a range of other KDE & FLOSS merchandise which you can order separately.

How this years T-shirt was printed: