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How to Join

Image with an astronaut on Mars and the words "AKADEMY

Interact & Watch the Talks
Use the button above to enter the Akademy space on KDE's Matrix event platform.

You will need a Matrix account to see the talks and participate in the discussion. This is different from your KDE Identity account.
Note that you may be asked to enable the Spaces feature on Matrix. Please do so to enjoy the conference.

Track Room 1 (Only Video)

Track Room 2 (Only Video)

Watch on YouTube
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Trainings, Workshops, BoFs, and Social Events

Training Sessions

BoFs & Workshops
Birds of a Feather (BoFs) are small topic-based meetings and discussions.

Social Events

Saturday, 19 June at 12:30 pm UTC

Thursday, 24 June at 12:00 pm UTC

Thursday, 24 June at 13:00 pm UTC

Thursday, 24 June at 14:00 pm UTC