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Getting around Barcelona

Barcelona is currently the second largest city in Spain, and the capital of Catalonia, with an history over 4.000 years. Barcelona offers a large variety of buildings, monuments, museums, beaches and so on...

Getting around Barcelona is very simple, and you are able to reach every part of the city quickly.

The Akademy venue is in Vertex building, North Campus of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Nearest metro (L3 line) and tram (T1, T2, T3 lines) station is Palau Reial, and walking distance of 850 m (about 13 minutes) to Vertex building.

The public transport system in Barcelona consists of:


An overview plan of Metro+Tram lines:

Barcelona metro line schematic

There is an integrated transport system, with zones, but you only need tickets for 1 zone if you remain in the metropolitan area (Barcelona and neighboring municipalities). A single ticket cost €2.40 (non-integrated 1 zone). But we recommend you the "T-casual" card, with individual 10 integrated journeys for €7.95 (1 zone). This card allows passengers change lines or mode of transportation (metro, bus, tram, train) during 75 minutes between the first and last validation.

You can get the tickets online or on vending machines at metro or tram stations (cash or debit/credit card). There are no ticket sales on buses: you must buy them online or on vending machines before enter the bus and then validate your ticket with validation machines on board (entering by front door).

Metro finishes service at midnight from Monday to Thursday, at 02.00 on Fridays, and there is a continous service on Satuday night until Sunday midnight. More information.

You also can use some night buses.


Taxis in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area are all painted black and yellow

Taxis can be hailed anywhere on the street if the green light on top of the car is on

You can also find taxis at the various taxi ranks


Everywhere in Barcelona you are able to rent a: