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Submit a new KDE sticker design

Did you enjoy the stickers included as a gift in previous year’s Akademy T-Shirt orders? Do you have ideas for what some of the stickers could look like this year?

Submit a new KDE sticker design to be given to in person attendees and included with this year's online T-Shirt sales

Send submissions to the Akademy Team before 18th July


  • Submissions should ideally be in SVG format, if not they need to be 350dpi+
  • The design needs to be able to work at a small size (~50mm x 50mm) and be designed using Free Software tools.
  • Licensed under a suitable Free License.
  • Colours printed may vary slightly from those seen on screen.
  • The stickers on the sheet will have a white background and any shape can be cut out (see the pink cut line around the Konqis as an example of certain limitations).
  • Some designs may benefit from having a bleed.

Designs used by the Akademy Team will receive a free Akademy 2022 T-Shirt and copies of the printed stickers. This is not a competition.

Previous sticker sheets for reference:

Image of first sticker sheet from 2021
Image of second sticker sheet from 2021