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Sponsorship Opportunities

A big thank you to our sponsors who help to make this event happen! There are still sponsorship opportunities available. If you are interested, please see Sponsoring Akademy for more information, including valuable sponsor benefits.

Sponsors for Akademy 2023


KDAB is the world's leading software consultancy for architecture, development and design of Qt, C++ and OpenGL applications across desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. The biggest independent contributor to Qt, KDAB experts build run-times, mix native and web technologies, solve hardware stack performance issues and porting problems for hundreds of customers, many among the Fortune 500. KDAB’s tools and extensive experience in creating, debugging, profiling and porting complex, great looking applications help developers worldwide to deliver successful projects. KDAB’s global experts, all full-time developers, provide market-leading training with hands-on exercises for Qt, OpenGL and modern C++ in multiple languages.

Canonical is the publisher of Ubuntu, the OS for most public cloud workloads as well as the emerging categories of smart gateways, self-driving cars and advanced robots. Canonical provides enterprise security, support and services to commercial users of Ubuntu. Established in 2004, Canonical is a privately held company.


enioka Haute Couture: Businesses of all kinds have become highly dependent on their IT systems. Yet, many of them have lost control of this essential part of their assets. Enioka Haute Couture specializes in mastering complex software development, whether it's due to the domain, organization, or timing of the project. We work closely with your teams to build software tailored to your needs. If we're developing it ourselves, we go the extra mile to ensure you keep control of it. We also help your teams adopt the right organization, technologies, and tools. Finally, whenever appropriate, we can help you set up free and open-source software projects or interact with existing ones. With Enioka Haute Couture, you have a trusted provider who facilitates your development needs while keeping full control of your systems. No more vendor or service provider lock-in.

SLIMBOOK has been in the computer manufacturing business since 2015. We build computers tailored for Linux environments and ship them worldwide. Our main goal is to deliver quality hardware with our own apps combined with an unrivaled tech support team to improve the end-user experience. We also firmly believe that not everything is about the hardware. SLIMBOOK has been involved with the community from the beginning, taking on small local projects to bring the GNU/Linux ecosystem to everyone. We have partnered with state-of-the-art Linux desktops like KDE, among other operating systems. And of course, we have our very own Linux academy, "Linux Center," where we regularly impart free Linux/FOSS courses for everyone. If you love Linux and need quality hardware to match, BE ONE OF US.

KDE Patrons

KDE Patrons also support the KDE Community throughout the year.