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Akademy is the annual world summit of KDE, one of the largest Free Software communities in the world. It is a free, non-commercial event organized by the KDE Community. Akademy 2024 is a hybrid event that takes place in-person in Würzburg and online from Saturday 7th September to Thursday 12th September, with a Welcome event on the Friday evening before. The conference is expected to draw hundreds of attendees from the global KDE Community to discuss and plan the future of the Community and its technology. Many participants from the broader Free and Open Source software community and users will also attend.

Code of Conduct

Akademy 2024 has a Code of Conduct to ensure the event is an enjoyable experience for everyone. As a Community, we value and respect all people, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ability, shape, size or preferred desktop environment. We will not tolerate vilification, abuse or harassment in any form.

Akademy is free to attend however you need to register to reserve your space

If you are new to KDE & Akademy, you will first need a KDE identity Account to register


After registering, to participate online join the Akademy Space on KDE's Matrix server

Interact & Watch the Talks