Videos of all of the Akademy Talks are now available online to watch in your own time.

You can access them from the Schedule: https://akademy.kde.org/2014/conference-schedule From here, if you click on a talk, you will see that there are links (the videos are here) and files (the slides will be here if they have been uploaded).

A small note, due to technical issues with equipment at the venue, some of the audio isn't great - we can only apologise about this.


It has become somewhat of a tradition to have a daytrip sometime during Akademy. This year, the daytrip will be on Wednesday, September 10th in the afternoon and evening. Akademy attendees who want a change of scene are invited to this Adventure at Brno Reservoir. There won't be any BoFs on Wednesday afternoon.

Just relax!
by Martin Klapetek (CC BY)



Pre-Registration Event

For all attendees that arrive on Friday, 5 September or earlier that week there is a chance to pick up their badges at the early registration get-together on Friday, 5 September at the Red Hat office from 17:00 to 21:00 with food and drinks provided. This way, you'll be also able to avoid the Saturday morning crowd.


Conference Schedule


Akademy 2014 will kick off on September 6 in Brno, Czech Republic; our keynote speakers will be opening the first two days. Continuing a tradition, the first keynote speaker is from outside the KDE community, while the second is somebody you all know. On Saturday, Sascha Meinrath will speak about the dangerous waters he sees our society sailing into, and what is being done to help us steer clear of the cliffs. Outgoing KDE e.V. Board President, Cornelius Schumacher, will open Sunday's sessions with a talk about what it is to be KDE and why it matters.

For the full details see the article on the dot