Local Transport

The public transport in Brno is provided by DPMB which maintains 13 tram lines, 13 trolley-bus lines and 37 bus lines. During the night the public transport is maintained by 11 night bus lines. If you want to use public transport, buy tickets only for 100+101 zones! If you're staying in Brno for several days, consider buying a 5-day ticket which costs CZK 250.



Sponsorship Opportunities

A big thank you to our sponsors who help to make this event happen! There are still sponsorship opportunities.
If you are interested, please see Sponsoring Akademy 2014 for more information, including valuable sponsor benefits.



Anyone can attend Akademy for free. But registration is required in order to attend the event. Please register soon so that we can plan accordingly.

Akademy 2014 registration is based on your identity.kde.org username and password. In order to sign in here, you must first create an account there, if you don't already have one. After you have completed the process of creating your KDE Identity account, please continue to the Akademy Registration System.


The goal of the conference section of Akademy is to learn and teach new skills and share our passion around what we're doing in KDE with each other.

For the sharing of ideas, experiences and state of things, we will have short Fast Track sessions in a singe track section of Akademy. Teaching and sharing technical details is done through longer sessions in the multi-track section of Akademy.

If you think you have something important to present, please tell us about it. If you know of someone else who should present, please nominate them. For more details see the proposal guidelines and the Call for Papers. The Submission Deadline is Sunday 18th May, 23:59:59 CEST.

Akademy 2014 Call for Papers

Akademy is the KDE Community conference. It is where we meet, discuss plans for the future, get inspired, learn and get work done. If you are working on topics relevant to KDE, this is your chance to present your work and ideas at the Conference from the 6th - 12th of September in Brno, Czech Republic. The days for talks are Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of September. The rest of the week will be BoFs, unconference sessions and workshops.